Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Almost ordinary day.

Yesterday , as days go, was almost uneventful. Of course my 10 y/o informed me at 0706 that "today is dress up like what you want to be when you grow up" day. 0706!!!! She wants to be a vet (the animal type) and my brain had nothing to offer. She wanted to take my $100 stethoscope to ELEMENTARY school. My answer was an absolute NO!! My 17y/o brought friends home to practice for a Christian human video to Casting Crown's "East to West". Here is the awesome part, it is to be performed at a PUBLIC SCHOOL's talent show and one of her friends IS A TEACHER!!!!!! (We still sing Christmas carols at this public school!)

We discuss politics, respect, and the Bible consistently in out home. I encourage them to be bold and stand firm on all. (When my baby sees a store or hears an ad about O'Reilly's auto store, she says, "like Bill O'Reilly mom!" Way to much Fox!!) My 17y/o was told about 2 friends of hers (step-siblings) using drugs with a classmate that came to school high on Xanax yesterday. I called my friend, one of the parents. She was appreciative and took steps to intervene. Go her!! Believe me when I say I am not a "not MY baby" parent!! I pray someone would tell me!! If authority figures are right about my children, they are right and my gratitude is owed to them. However, if (authority) is wrong, it is my battle to fight, not my children's. As a veteran, I obeyed orders unless illegal or would jeopardized the well-being of my patients. Still the chain of command was followed and I am the head of my children's " chain of command" One of my favorite quotes is "I'm not your best friend, I'm your mother. I'll can be both when you you're grown!". Know who said this? ME! They can be mad at me. They WILL get over it and I truly believe will appreciate it later in life. Do not be afraid to anger your children. What is best for them is most important, not if they like you for the day! Don't misunderstand, my children and I have a lot of fun and are very bonded. But my children respect their parents and their manners are immpecable with all adults. ( btw..manners are free) They are blown away by the way many of their freinds treat and talk to their parents. Later I will "splain" the measures I took to "save" one of my teenagers from a path of self-destruction. No holds barred when it comes to our children, from subtle to drastic.

I pray you see the fundamental conservatism in the blog of my normal everyday life. My God truly bless all that read this whether you agree or not. I served our Country to protect everyone's right to disaggree PEACEFULLY!!


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  1. You are such an AWESOME Mom! Thanks for sharing your parenting experiences and wisdom!