Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where are the Hate Crime Charges NOW?

To quote an old saying, "what's good for the goose is good for the gander". It seems however, the ganders are getting off scott free. Kenneth Gladney, a black man selling conservative wares outside a St. Louis town hall was beaten by SEIU member and racial slurs were thrown around like a baseball at a Cardinal's game.
Were there ANY charges brought against the union thugs. NO, much less federal hate crime charges! Sounds like someone is either "in bed with the unions" or are simple afraid of the gang of thugs. If the tables were turned and ANY RACE was attacked by us scary tea-bagging rednecks, hate crime charges would have been brought up so fast, our tea bags would have been spinning. Contact the St. Louis County Prosecutor and let your voice be heard.

Maria Glenn

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blog to Get Caught Up

Well Thanksgiving is over and I have so much on my mind. I bought 2 new books I believe will really speak to me. ( I literally read 4-5 books at the same time.) One is "48 Liberal Lies About American History (That You Probably Learned in School)" by Larry Schweikart and "Persecution: How Liberals are Waging War Against Christianity" By David Limbaugh. ( This is an entire cool blog post in itself.) Because I have 4 children in the public school system, I connect those dots.

I want to speak briefly about the "crashing" of the White House party. I had the honor of working ( on the fringes) with members of the Secret Service years ago and have the utmost respect for them BUT, no matter WHO the POTUS is and whether I like him or not, their job is to protect him or her!!!!! They failed miserably and shame on them. I do, however, respect their honesty and apology but like with my children, many times punishment is still in order!

Last but not least, I learned the President will announce his troop decision with the West Point cadets as his backdrop! Oh my goodness! As a veteran, I am sick and tired of this president using our brave men and women as a photo-op. He said it himself. (Look up Glenn Beck's best Obama Gaffs) Once again, I ask that you contact the White House and let them know your disdain!!

I will try to stick to 1, yes 1, topic in the future. Bill Cosby explains it best in his old stand up, kids cause brain damage!

Maria Glenn

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Navy SEAL's Prosecution

As a veteran and American, this story outrages me!!! This allegedly occurred in 2004 and somehow in 2009, this is coming to the attention of the public. Hmmmmm! Go figure! As a true conservative, and with all due respect, John McCain was wrong. Enhanced interrogation techniques ARE NOT TORTURE, they are national security techniques! These heroes are being court marshaled for a "fat lip". Do you think this terrorist would have given these SEALS a "fat lip"? NO, he would have given them a dull sword to the neck! What happened to common sense? We aren't even using the old testament "eye for an eye" philosophy. I assume by this story, if we capture OBL and we give him a fat lip, our brave men and women will have charges brought against them. Then here's my suggestion, don't capture him, KILL HIM (without busting his lip of course)! Liberals complain about the cost of the wars. Well here is a way to save a little money, decorate them not prosecute them!! Please contact every branch and department of the federal government related to this and express your outrage!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Rambling Blog Today

Today has been a rough one but that goes with the territory of motherhood. I've had my mind on line-item veto for the President. Do you have any idea how that would make him or her ( :) just got the Palin book ) accountable? They can put an any bribe (Louisiana) such as money to all seniors or "special" states, or even give warm fuzzy puppies to all children and it is an EXCUSE to pass the entire bill. Let the President offer puppies and veto the bribes and all other shady and often unconstitutional parts!! That my friends is account ability!! Comment here or FB! I would appreciate all input whether you agree or disagree with me. My shoulders are broad in politics!!

Maria Glenn

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Hate Speech" from the Pulpit???

If my memory serves me correctly, the 1st ammendment protects free speech! Intelligent or not so intelligent. Even right or wrong unless illegal. Well strap in for the new liberal ride of fringe spin. They are in the process of creating legislature that makes speaking about homosexuality FROM THE PULPIT a hate crime!! The Bible also speaks of liars, cheaters, "religion" lovers, adulterers, those who lust and many more sinners. Will that become hate speech too? I believe this administration would be guilty of most. It's funny, "hate speech" only seems to come from Christians and conservatives. What about when atheists venomously run God fearing people into the ground. Absolutely not! What about when Joy Bahar on the View said teaching our children about creation was equal to child abuse!! This truly happened on air. Investigate it. "Hate Speech"? I served my country with honor so people could spew that absurdity! Do I like it, NO!. Should it be a crime, NO! I am very pro-life but bombing abortion clinics is a crime and not to be tolerated by anyone!! The Bible teaches to hate the sin NOT the sinner!! I AM A SINNER as are all of us, I'm just forgiven.!! Wake up to this and take a firm stand. The Government listens to the loud minority not the silent majority!! They have awakened a sleeping giant though. Everyday we become more and more the LOUDER majority!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tough day as a mom

As I've mentioned, not every blog entry in not always about political views but I truly believe they all, in some way tie in togethter. One issue we have been deaing with in the short term is appreciation and counting our blessings.

If our children, especially the young ones, only knew how often we got onto them then turned our backs to them with a "cheese- it "grin on our faces over how funny it is "the crime" they committed!! This however was not even close to being to one of those times! Two of my children, the lastest today, have experienced my view about the above mentioned appreciation and blessingsl This was truly a first for us. They are, for the most part, VERY appreciative and so it caught me be surprise. The youngest asked me just to give her the money for something she wanted, NOT needed. When I told her no, the pouting began as I have never seen, then did the begging.. NO means NO in this house and begging never helped them! I explained a bout our blessing such as electricity, vehicles that work, cable, beds for everyone, clean clothes, food, and people that love her and never think about unthinkable things about her!I help a couple of people prepare for their GED (MY blessing NOt theirs). When I left to do this, she tried something brand new, asked her dad for the money, what I had told her no about. I FOUND OUT!! UH-OH! She was told to think about the consequences until I get home. Cruel huh? LOL When I get we had a more in depth converstation and she had her favorite toy taken away. I pray the message was AHRU! Now the older one start the same line of questioning about giving her some money. She received the same lecture about blessing and hers included the dreaded J-O-B! I beleive she truly got is. She will clean her sister's room for pay. Good for her!!

My business is seasonal and money is so tight but to the dismay of my children's generation, THEY ARE ENTITLED TO NOTHING BUT THE LIFE GOD GAVE THEM!! I honestly believe children going through monetarily tough times are the best thing taught to them other having their parents lead them to Jesus (yes I said the "J Word) Not that some rich people will not make it to glory, but I challenge you to read what the New Testament says about the difficulty of rich people making it into heaven. To tie it all together, life lived believed in and taught litteraly from the Bible will always give us the right answers. Know that the Word IS Jesus and the Word IS ALIVE!!

Lovingly and God Bless!

Maria Lankheit Glenn

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Almost ordinary day.

Yesterday , as days go, was almost uneventful. Of course my 10 y/o informed me at 0706 that "today is dress up like what you want to be when you grow up" day. 0706!!!! She wants to be a vet (the animal type) and my brain had nothing to offer. She wanted to take my $100 stethoscope to ELEMENTARY school. My answer was an absolute NO!! My 17y/o brought friends home to practice for a Christian human video to Casting Crown's "East to West". Here is the awesome part, it is to be performed at a PUBLIC SCHOOL's talent show and one of her friends IS A TEACHER!!!!!! (We still sing Christmas carols at this public school!)

We discuss politics, respect, and the Bible consistently in out home. I encourage them to be bold and stand firm on all. (When my baby sees a store or hears an ad about O'Reilly's auto store, she says, "like Bill O'Reilly mom!" Way to much Fox!!) My 17y/o was told about 2 friends of hers (step-siblings) using drugs with a classmate that came to school high on Xanax yesterday. I called my friend, one of the parents. She was appreciative and took steps to intervene. Go her!! Believe me when I say I am not a "not MY baby" parent!! I pray someone would tell me!! If authority figures are right about my children, they are right and my gratitude is owed to them. However, if (authority) is wrong, it is my battle to fight, not my children's. As a veteran, I obeyed orders unless illegal or would jeopardized the well-being of my patients. Still the chain of command was followed and I am the head of my children's " chain of command" One of my favorite quotes is "I'm not your best friend, I'm your mother. I'll can be both when you you're grown!". Know who said this? ME! They can be mad at me. They WILL get over it and I truly believe will appreciate it later in life. Do not be afraid to anger your children. What is best for them is most important, not if they like you for the day! Don't misunderstand, my children and I have a lot of fun and are very bonded. But my children respect their parents and their manners are immpecable with all adults. ( btw..manners are free) They are blown away by the way many of their freinds treat and talk to their parents. Later I will "splain" the measures I took to "save" one of my teenagers from a path of self-destruction. No holds barred when it comes to our children, from subtle to drastic.

I pray you see the fundamental conservatism in the blog of my normal everyday life. My God truly bless all that read this whether you agree or not. I served our Country to protect everyone's right to disaggree PEACEFULLY!!